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You can either email us a lalhardy@hotmail.co.uk , call us on 0208 444 8779 or preferably arrange a visit and have a chat with us!

We will need to know the size and placement of the tattoo, and any reference pictures you may have. For larger pieces, we may need you to come in for a consultation; this is always free and is to discuss ideas and placement before your appointment.

We do not send full designs via email, so if you wanted to see your design before your appointment you will need to visit the shop in person.

To book in an appointment you will need to pay either a £50 or £100 deposit. Please be aware that deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. If you cannot make an appointment and let us know in good time, we can move your appointment and you will not lose your deposit. Not showing up or cancelling the day before will result in a loss of your deposit. On the day, the deposit will be included in the final price of your tattoo.


Here are some tips for you to have the best tattooing experience possible:

  • Make sure to eat properly and drink plenty of water before coming to your appointment
  • Bring sugary snacks or drinks to keep your blood sugar up during a long session
  • Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the placement and size of your tattoo. If you need to cover up or are conscious of a certain area we can offer a sarong/screens
  • Please try to refrain from heavy drinking/partying the night before, as this will make the tattoo harder for you and the artist
  • DO NOT take drugs or drink alcohol before having your tattoo. This will not help with the pain and in most cases will make it worse
  • If you are not comfortable or need to take a break during your tattoo for any reason, please let the artist know
  • Do not use numbing cream if possible, as it toughens the skin and makes it harder to tattoo. They also don’t really work! We can provide our own numbing spray during the tattoo if needed
  • Get excited about your new ink and relax!


157 Sydney Rd - London N10 2NL

+44 208 444 8779



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